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Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga for Everyone

Yoga for - Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga for Everyone


Judy’s presentation was informative and entertaining. The content included fascinating scientific data supporting the benefits of the relaxation methods she was teaching. The methods were easy to understand no matter whether you have dabbled with various techniques or are a consistent practitioner. I found the learning session to be a helpful reminder that we need to take care of ourselves throughout the day and it does not require a huge time commitment.

  • Stacy MacCready / Compliance Manager / Singulex, Inc.


I am so thankful for Judy.  She is such an inspiration!  Her motivational, energetic, and and gentle guidance have been life-changing for me.  In a short period of time she has motivated me to spend an hour meditating each day (a 1/2 hour in the morning & a 1/2 hour in the evening).  Prior to working with Judy and receiving my primordial sound, I was resistant to even meditating for three minutes a day!
Judy is a living embodiment of a person following her path and resonating beautiful energy and light to all those that she encounters.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness Judy.

  • Love D / Entrepreneur and Mother / East Bay, CA


I really enjoyed taking Judy’s Primordial Sound Meditation workshop. Learning more about the benefits of meditation and  about how to meditate was extremely helpful plus having my own personal mantra given to me was wonderful. Learning about the different levels of consciousness gives me a better idea of where meditation can take me. I particularly liked the times when Judy took us on a guided meditations as Judy’s voice has a calming effect.

  • Whitney / Retired / East Bay, CA


Judy – Thanks again for the wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed your online class. You present yourself very professional, engaging and very friendly. I love your personal touch and sharing your experiences and photos – this really grounds the presentation. This is my first time in Zoom and I loved it. I think I like it better than Go To Meeting. You have solid presentation skills and the “What I want” Bonus was the cherry on the top.
Your light shines bright with an open heart!

  • Tanis Perez / Miami, Florida


My daughter Clare with Director Barrett Lindsay-Steiner

Judy is wonderful with the kids: calm, thoughtful, with a warm energy.  Thanks to her expert technique, both our Youth and Teen groups were completely focused as she led them through some basic poses, taught them breathing techniques, and instructed them on some basic yoga history.  At the end of class our actors were more centered, and a sense of calm prevailed.  I highly recommend yoga for kids; it is a great balance for their crazy/busy hurry-up world of school pressures, video games, competitive sports and 24/7 electronics.

  • Barrett Lindsay-Steiner / Director, Standing Ovations Youth Theatre / Walnut Creek, CA



Judy was selected to lead our first community class at ivivva athletica Walnut Creek.  We had no idea how many girls to expect, how they would respond, or what type of class to provide…and Judy had all the answers!  She set up our group in a circle so that everyone had a prime spot and felt included in the practice.  A few words to describe Judy herself: patient, engaging, passionate, authentic, and empowering.  She included her own daughter in class, who set a beautiful example for our guests and affirmed Judy’s natural connection to our community.  Every girl left our sunny outdoor space with a huge smile on her face and the hope that we’d be holding another class again the following week.  From breaking down the concept of ‘namaste’ to introducing the girls to basic principles of meditation, those big deep elements of yoga that we as adults sometimes struggle with grasping, no longer felt daunting.  Connecting homework, sports, and friendships to their practice, Judy led our group through an hour of sun salutations, downward facing dogs, buddy poses, breathing exercises, and giggling that invigorated us all.  Thank you again Judy!  We can’t wait to practice with you again soon!

  • Love, Team ivivva / Walnut Creek, CA


Judy Brennan teaches yoga in our fourth grade classroom.  She comes in once a week and teaches the children different movements as well as educates them about the history and purpose of yoga.  The children love her classes!  Not only do they learn strengthening and stretching exercises, but more importantly they learn how to calm their own minds, a skill essential to anyone.  The children get exercise during their classes and seem refreshed, calm and more focused after the class.  It is magic to watch Judy in action.  Her warm, calm, and informative style is engaging for the children, and keeps them all incredibly focused through the whole 45 minutes.

  • Fourth Grade Teacher / Danville, CA


My elementary school aged child has been attending both group and individual yoga sessions with Judy for the past 9 months.  It has been a wonderful experience for my daughter.  Judy has a never-ending repertoire of activities.  She is warm, caring, and loads of fun!  My daughter has learned how to calm herself and self soothe herself more effectively, move her body into different poses, learn yoga concepts and ideas as well as general life lessons.  Judy is full of great ideas for things you can do with your children at home as well.  We’ve been doing some visual imagery and short meditation to help relax before bedtime.  Most recently, we have tried a few sessions with my preschool aged son, daughter & myself which has been really fun.  It’s great to see how children of any age can be involved.  My daughter is always excited about classes and loves working with Judy.

  • Clinical Psychologist and Mother / East Bay, CA


Our daughters midweek yoga class brings sanity to our busy lives!  She is happier and more focused, which brings overall harmony to our entire family dynamic.  Judy makes class fun and lighthearted while giving our children tools to cope with the many demands of our busy schedules.  Yoga is not just for stressed out Mommies!  Thanks Judy, We love Wednesdays.

  • N.E., C.N.C., Board Certified Hormone Specialist / Danville, CA


I really enjoyed the yoga class this morning because it was the first time today that I took the time to relax, clear my mind, and breathe.  Mrs. Brennan taught me more yoga than the Wii could ever do.  Not only did she teach us yoga, but she taught us the history behind the poses, the meanings of each finger, and the founders of each pose.  After each pose was finished I was hoping that she would teach another.  I have never felt so relaxed in my life.  I never wanted the class to end.

  • 6th grade girl / Pleasant Hill, CA


Morning yoga was not only fun, but it made me feel good.  I felt refreshed and newly awakened.  I was not feeling very well this morning until yoga.  I am so happy that we did this.

  • 6th grade girl / Pleasant Hill, CA


Yoga class enlightened my mind and opened my body to the divine.  It also helped me to calm down, and think, which I don’t get to do often with the rush of the day.

  • 6th grade boy / Pleasant Hill, CA

I had the good fortune of finding Judy while searching for someone to teach my 13-year old primordial sound meditation. Judy met with my son, virtually, for 3 weeks. She taught him the background, benefits, and “how tos” of meditation. My son practiced during and in between their sessions. The “homework” was appropriately scaled for my son’s age, meaning he actually did it! She was professional, kind, patient, and warm. I feel so fortunate that Judy taught my son; I recommend her highly!

  • Lee Christian / Psychologist / Colorado


Yoga for Life offers mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to adults, kids, teens, seniors, special needs and at-risk youth and is located in Danville, California.  Yoga for Life serves the Bay Area including (but not limited to) Berkeley, Oakland, Antioch, Pittsburg, Concord, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon, and Dublin.