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Transform in India

Transform in India with Russill Paul

Yogini priests of the Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam Ashram
perform a fire ceremony with honorary Gurus Russill and Asha Paul.

January 12 – February 8, 2022 (approximately)

  • Awaken spirituality
  • Enjoy great cuisine
  • Empower your soul
  • Study Yoga of Sound
  • Visit ancient temples

I first met Russill and his wife Asha in 2004 when they held a retreat at the San Damiano Retreat Center just blocks from my home in Danville, CA. This retreat was life changing for me. It wasn’t the yoga, the meditation, or even the chanting that I connected with, it was the powerful ancient Indic music Russill played for us. Before I left the retreat, I bought Russill’s book ‘The Yoga of Sound’ and his A.M. & P.M. yoga CDs. My elementary school aged children loved the music and listened to the P.M. CD every night for many years before drifting off to sleep.

Later on, I connected with Russill online and completed his three year study of the ancient Indic language of Sanskrit, mantra, meditation, and music and attended his retreats whenever he was in town. Every year I checked his website and reviewed the ‘Transform in India’ pilgrimage information wanting to attend. Finally, in January of 2019, I joined Russill and his wife Asha and a small group of participants for 30 transforming days in Southern India!

A friend asked me to describe the trip in one word and the word that immediately came to mind was “magical.” After studying ancient Indic philosophy and teaching yoga and meditation for 15 years, immersing myself into the culture and experiencing firsthand what I had been studying for so many years was an incredible awakening. Everything I had studied, taught, and learned became so real. At the beginning of the pilgrimage, I kept asking the repeat participants “Why did they repeat the pilgrimage three, four, and even five times? By the end of the trip, I stopped asking because I knew why – Russill and Asha have perfected this pilgrimage. They work closely with each individual to coach and guide toward finding their higher self. The 30 days flew by and I returned home from India purpose driven with memories of a lifetime.

During this pilgrimage, Russill and Asha Paul introduce you to authentic, ancient India and ensure that you are given the support, diet and environments that allow you to dedicate 100% of your energies and attention towards your transformation. You will experience inspiring talks, exquisite live music, group chanting, sitting and walking meditations, sacred movement meditations, and powerful sound healing sessions. Russill and Asha will love and protect you, take excellent care of you physically and emotionally, organize all logistics, take you to spiritual power spots, and guide you through meticulously crafted processes honed over two decades so YOU can transform!

To find out more about this magical transformative pilgrimage and to preregister go to:

Contact me at and I will answer any of your questions about the pilgrimage and share my experience with you!

A Warm Namaste,

Judy Brennan

Me at the Brihadishvara Temple, also called Rajarajesvaram or Peruvudaiyār Kōvil, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the largest South Indian temples and an exemplary example of a fully realized Dravidian architecture.